This is a new concept we’ve created here at AP Precision, as a way to bring the costs of precision 3d scanning and reverse engineering down to levels that the average tinkerer can afford.  This will also help grow the library of fantastic dimensional information available to the masses.

How does it work? Basically we listen to you, the general public about what components exist that haven’t been accurately scanned and modeled (or at least haven’t been made available), and prioritize those with the highest level of interest. We then take the top items, and create a crowd funding campaign to have those items reverse engineered by us. Depending on the complexity of the request, a minimum amount of funding will be required for us to purchase, scan, and reverse engineer the item. So each campaign will have a different base level of funding required to proceed with the project. The neat thing here – this is a zero risk concept for those participating. If the minimum level of funding is not met within the designated time frame, ALL funds are returned to participants. If the minimum level of funding is reached, we will begin the process of procuring, scanning, and reverse engineering the item. Depending on the scarcity of the item being requested, the final scan data and models should be available to participants in under 1 month from completion of the funding campaign.

For the participating parties, there are two different levels of involvement available. If you purchase 1 slot, you get access to the raw scan data. If you purchase a second slot, you also receive access to the simplified reverse engineered CAD model based on the scan data.

Example Scenario:

Public Request: Spicer Dana 60 Hub Dial

Purchasing budget: $50

Cleaning/Prep/Scanning budget: $200

Reverse Engineering Budget: $200

Total Budget: $450


Cost per slot: $25

Slots required: 18


When 18 slots have been purchased, the request is officially accepted and procurement begins. Additional slots are still available for purchase for those who want early access to the digital files at a cheaper price than will be available later. After a predetermined amount of time, the files from these projects will become available for sale on our website at the full retail price which is 20% higher than the campaign pricing