This is the scan of a wheel spindle from a Ford Twin Traction Beam Dana 50. This spindle is nearly identical to the wheel spindle used on Ford solid axle Dana 60’s from 1977-1991(?). The only notable difference, is the depth of the pilot diameter on the back of the spindle is approximately 1/4″ deeper on the solid axles to accommodate a disc brake bracket sandwiched between spindle and knuckle

Solid Model Formats:  2019.sldprt, .step, .iges (86mb)

Raw Scan Formats:  2019.sldprt, .stl, .iges (237mb)

Note: The solid model is as accurate as possible to the scanned information. The threads on the spindle are the same, and not based on proper thread geometry so they should be referenced with that in mind. Also, because this spindle had the inner roller bearing installed, the diameter of the spindle in that area had to be estimated.

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