The only front axle available in the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ is a low pinion Dana 30 measuring 63.5″ wide WMS-WMS (Wheel Mount Surface to Wheel Mount Surface), and 5×5 bolt pattern. They were offered with either 3.55 gears or 3.73, and either an open differential, or a vari-lok (hydra-lok) limited slip carrier in the Quadra Drive models. These axles provide true crossover steering from the factory, with the passenger side outer knuckle having two steering arms (one for the tie rod, one for drag link). They also have improved brakes over previous Dana 30s, offering larger brake rotors and dual piston calipers. Even among these dual piston calipers were two options. The caliper style from 1999-2001 was called the “Teves” style caliper, and was prone to warping rotors. 2002-2004 jeeps got the upgraded “Akebono” style calipers and caliper brackets which are known to be more reliable. All of these Dana 30s were supplied with CV style shafts, sticking with the standard 27 spline inner at the carrier, and 27 spline stub shafts at the unit bearing. The Vari-Lok limited slip carrier found in some of these jeeps requires different length axle shafts than the standard open carrier, which can make upgrading from Vari-Lok to a locker at a later date more challenging

Axle Components:

UCA Bushings:

Unit Bearings:

Brake Rotors:

Brake Calipers:


Differential Components:

Carrier Bearings

Inner Pinion Bearing

Outer Pinion Bearing

Pinion Seal

Crush Sleeve

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